Nadie valkyrie is the main character in marrionetta the fading rift' s minecraft fan fiction. Her design is the valkyrie from the grimoire of gaia 2 mod. Only one story of hers has been completed and no family members were introduced. Her friends are alice sethroscope based of the main threat in the orphanage horror map for minecraft, herobrine whiteyes based of the legendary herobrine, and herobrina whiteyes herobbrine twin Sister and based of no one. Even though only one book has been written down many more sequels are planed to follow

  • 1 nadie and the aldusian army
  • 2 nadie and the endermites
  • 3 nadie and the shadow mutation
  • 4 nadie and the 18 terrarian bosses
  • 5 nadie and the past
  • 6 nadie and the paradox
  • 7 Herobrine's decent