SuperMarcoToad64 (Often called Smt64) Is a fictional character created by a Deveniartist with the same name. He first appear in 2014 although the idea was created in late 2012-early 2013.


While watching a YouTuber known as Smg4's video, the person thought of a character similar to Smg4 and Super Mario 64 Machismist. His old Appearence was different than his current one but later on he gain a animaltronic counterpart, pony counterpart, a paper counterpart and an alternative one.


He have a mutilple personlity disorder so that make him have different personalites, he can be random like smart or sarcastic or nice. 


  • Super human strength: Be able to lift Bowser by the tail.
  • Super speed: Is a fast combat fighter and run atleast near the speed of sound.
  • Weaponary: He use mutilple weapons like power ups, hammers, bats, etc.


  • He have 2 counterparts, an animaltronic one and an alternative one.
  • It is unknown how does he have different personalities, however it is safe to assume he does so he can use them depending the situation.